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This page is the work of Suzanne Rauscher, class of '03, and is not sponsored by Smith College. 

I hope you find it useful in working on overcoming racism in your work, projects, and life.


Anti-racism Resource Links: 

Note: Each link is a connection to many more links!

One of the most extensive lists of links concerning racism and human rights on the web:

A plethora of links to information about working on anti-racism with children:

An historical perspective on racism and slavery in the U.S.

Slave narratives:
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project 

Links to diversity sites:

NAACP web page

Racial Advocacy page from "The World's Premier List of Advocacy Groups."

Start your own Anti-Racism Committee: 

This site has information about organizing an event to raise awareness:

queer-anti-racist ∑ "For queer folks organizing against white supremacy in white communities: what's happening; what works and what doesn't. " (A message board)

Black American Feminism: this site has an excellent bibliography for further research 

Full-text Articles:

The classic eye-opening article for whites who think they aren't racist...
White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack
by Peggy McIntosh

Other Voices: A Magazine of Cultural Criticism

Polylog: A Forum for Intercultural Philosophizing

Dr. William Sedlacek's Work on Diversity focusing on issues in higher education.


Books of Interest:

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Other good resources for inexpensive used books are and


Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism book

 Louise Derman-Sparks and Carol Brunson Phillips have been teaching anti-racism to adults for over 20 years. Based on their real classroom experience, Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism offers us a guide to the development of anti-racist identity, awareness, and behavior. By integrating methodology and course content descriptions with student writings and analyses of studentsí growth, the book highlights the interaction between teaching and learning. Organized chronologically from the first to the last class, the text describes how each session contributed to the studentsí fascinating journey from pro-racist consciousness to active anti-racism.

Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism provides both a "how-to" and a conceptual framework to help teachers and trainers adapt anti-racism education for their programs. Ordering information:


By Paul Kivel :  Continuously at the top of New Society Publishers' best-seller list for five years, Uprooting Racism has been revised and expanded with more tools than ever to help white people understand and stand-up to racism. In addition to updating existing chapters, the new edition explores how entrenched racism has been revealed in the new economy, voting, anti-Arab prejudice, and health care policy.


If you didn't read this book in your anti-racism course, you should have!

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